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Reduce Risk of Vulnerability Exploits

Data breaches often exploit known vulnerabilities in applications and supporting data systems. Unpatched systems expose organizations to a variety of attacks including SQL injection, cross site scripting, exploits of default settings (for example default passwords) and more. Vulnerability aAssessment

In order to protect sensitive data and achieve compliance organizations need to implement a vulnerability management solution that will audit configurations of data systems, scan applications and data systems for known vulnerabilities and manage mitigation efforts to close security gaps.

Detect Vulnerable Applications and Exposed Databases

To understand risk to data and manage mitigation efforts it is necessary to run a comprehensive scan to detect vulnerabilities in web applications and RDBMS software, configurations and platforms. Pre-defined assessments measure compliance with regulations and industry best practices while customization enables addressing unique applications and internal policies.

Vulnerability Assessment Reports and Remediation Tips

Summary and detailed reports provide information about the vulnerabilities discovered including a description, CVE-ID, severity, and date discovered. Remediation tips enable developers and system administrators to quickly take the next step and mitigate vulnerabilities, without the need to spend time on research.

Virtual Patching: Stop Exploits Before Patches are Available

Web Scanners detect vulnerabilities in web applications and support the development of appropriate fixes. While patches are developed and tested, mission critical applications are exposed to exploit attempts. Integration with a Web Application Firewall enables a virtual patching solution which blocks attempts to exploit web vulnerabilities. Similarly, a Database Firewall can provide a virtual patch for un-patched vulnerabilities in commercial database software, even before the vendor has released an official path.

Vulnerability Life Cycle Management

Not all vulnerabilities are created equal - some are more critical than others. Vulnerability analysis must consider the severity of the vulnerability and criticality of affected systems. Prioritization of remediation efforts needs to be based on risk. Centralized vulnerability management console provides detailed information about discovered vulnerabilities and tracks their mitigation status.

Related Products:

Database Security
Product Name: Capabilities:
SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring
SecureSphere Database Firewall
  • Alert and block1 attempts to exploit database vulnerabilities (virtual patching)
SecureSphere Discovery and Assessment Server2
  • Automated vulnerability assessment scans and configuration audits across heterogeneous database platforms
  • Ability to add custom assessments
  • Detailed pre-defined reports, customization and remediation tips
  • Centralized vulnerability management console and status tracking
  • Prioritization of remediation efforts based on calculated risk to sensitive data

Web Security
Product Name: Capabilities:
SecureSphere Web Application Firewall
  • Integration with web scanners enables virtual patching of discovered vulnerabilities
1Blocking requires SecureSphere Database Firewall
2SecureSphere Discovery and Assessment server is included with SecureSphere Database Activity Monitroing and SecureSphere Database firewall