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Security, Compliance and Risk Management for Sensitive Data

Data drives business, making it the ultimate prize for hackers and malicious insiders as well as the subject of intense regulatory scrutiny. Organizations are challenged with securing their data and maintaining regulatory compliance while controlling cost, complexity and risk.

Imperva Securephere Data Security

With the increased financial and regulatory exposure associated with data breaches and audit failures, organizations are launching strategic data security initiatives. The sections below introduce these initiatives and offers insight into the associated business requirements and how Imperva solutions help organizations meet them.

Enterprise Data Security Initiatives

Data Breach Prevention

Organizations are looking for up-to-date, real-time protection against data breaches by hackers and malicious insiders. Imperva provides unified, end-to-end data security solution encompassing all critical data assets including web applications, databases and files. Imperva's solutions enables executives, risk officers, auditors and security professionals to mitigate the financial and reputation damage of data loss.

Regulatory and Industry Compliance

Organizations across a wide range of industries are subject to regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and others. Imperva accelerates time to compliance with these regulations by providing full visibility into data usage, vulnerabilities and access rights. Imperva's solutions enables executives, risk officers, auditors and security professionals to quickly and cost effectively meet regulatory compliance mandates.

Data Risk Management

As a backdrop to security and compliance initiatives, organizations are looking to streamline internal processes that directly impact their data security risk. Imperva automates data risk management through the discovery and classification of sensitive data and the effective management of vulnerabilities and user access rights. Imperva's solutions enable executives, risk officers, auditors and security professionals to establish a continuous and repeatable process for reducing data risk.