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Comprehensive Data Center Security for the Cloud

Cloud Security
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If you’re moving critical applications and data to the cloud, chances are you are concerned about security. Imperva’s comprehensive data center security portfolio extends across the cloud to provide unmatched protection for the dangerous gaps that can be introduced by the adoption of cloud applications.

As organizations adopt cloud computing, critical applications and data assets move to the cloud in different ways. And just as the cloud extends the concept of the data center, Imperva has extended our leading SecureSphere platform into the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio for cloud security.

For externally facing, production applications many organizations are leveraging the economies of scale that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers offer to realize significant cost savings. Amazon Web Services is the public IaaS platform that most customers use today. For these customers, SecureSphere for Amazon Web Services allows them to move their applications without sacrificing security.

For internally facing corporate applications, the move from on premise to Software as a Service (SaaS) applications such as Office365,, Workday and NetSuite can result in significant cost savings and increased flexibility. But it also introduces significant risk as SaaS applications cannot be addressed by traditional on-premise activity monitoring and security solutions. To fill this gap, Skyfence, an Imperva company, delivers a cloud security gateway that provides comprehensive discovery, risk assessment and control over SaaS applications.

Finally, some organizations prefer a SaaS model for Web security (or Web application firewall delivery). Incapsula, an Imperva company, directly meets that need with an application-aware global network that provides website security as well as DDoS protection.

SecureSphere Cloud Security Products

Imperva Incapsula

An Imperva company that provides cloud-based delivery of WAF and DDoS Protection Services.

SecureSphere for Amazon Web Services

Protects applications hosted in the Amazon cloud with the full capability of SecureSphere WAF while delivering cloud computing features like auto-scaling and disaster recovery.


An Imperva company that provides comprehensive visibility and control over the use of cloud applications.