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Name Server DDoS Protection

Safeguards DNS Servers from DDoS Attacks

Infrastructure DDoS Protection

Imperva Incapsula Name Server DDoS Protection safeguards DNS servers from DDoS attacks. Deployed as an always-on service, Incapsula Name Server DDoS Protection automatically identifies and blocks attacks seeking to target DNS servers, while also accelerating DNS responses. Incapsula Name Server Protection is seamlessly compatible with other security solutions offered by Incapsula, providing customers with the most robust DDoS offering on the market.

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Incapsula Name Server DDoS Protection

  • 'Always on' deployment ensures DNS servers are unaffected by DDoS attacks
  • Speeds up DNS responses by optimizing the response routes
  • Part of Incapsula’s full suite of DDoS Protection services
  • Complements SecureSphere Web Application Firewall industry-leading web application protection

How it Works

Through a simple 30-second verification process, customers can turn Incapsula into their authoritative DNS server. And since Incapsula draws its DNS information from the customer’s original DNS server, the customer need not change their DNS maintenance tools or processes.

With Name Server DDoS Protection in place, Incapsula becomes the destination for all incoming DNS queries, functioning as a secure DNS proxy that masks protected DNS servers, while also filtering all incoming DNS queries.

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Hardened DNS Servers

The Incapsula Name Server DDoS Protection service is deployed in front of the protected DNS servers, safeguarding them from all types of DNS targeted DDoS attacks. The service employs a combination of reputation and rate-based heuristics, in order to inspect the incoming flow of DNS queries and filter out malicious DNS packets, without impacting any of the legitimate visitors.

Hardened DNS Servers

Accelerated DNS Performance

Queries made to Incapsula-protected DNS servers are served via a global network of strategically deployed data centers.

Local data centers with close proximity to the request origin are automatically selected to return DNS responses, resulting in accelerated website performance.

Accelerated DNS Performance

Comprehensive Protection

Name Server DDoS Protection is seamlessly compatible with other Incapsula DDoS solutions, including the Website DDoS Protection and Infrastructure DDoS Protection services.

Together these solutions provide Incapsula customers with the most robust DDoS offering on the market.

Comprehensive dns Protection

Cost Effective DDoS Protection

The Incapsula cloud-based service offers 24x7 protection against all DDoS attacks without the need for multi-gigabit Internet connections, or any additional hardware. Using Incapsula eliminates the setup and overhead costs associated with over-provisioning and deployment of additional on-premise appliances.


Download the DDoS Protection (PDF).