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Imperva Incapsula
Securing Websites Against Cyber-Attacks Has Never Been Easier



Imperva Incapsula provides the power and flexibility businesses need to secure critical Web applications from cyber-threats and optimize Website performance. By routing Web traffic through Imperva's global network of data centers, Incapsula ensures that bad traffic is removed before reaching protected Websites and good traffic is accelerated; creating a more secure and enjoyable experience for Website visitors.

Improve Website Security Protect Against DDoS Attacks

Improve Website Security

Block Web application attacks and prevent malicious users from affecting your business applications

Protect Against DDoS Attacks

Maintain your Website's availability by  defending against all types of DDoS attacks

Optimize Website Performance Fulfill PCI 6.6 Compliance

Optimize Website Performance

Save on bandwidth costs, boost Webpage responsiveness, and create a better user experience for your Website

Fulfill PCI 6.6 Compliance

Achieve PCI DSS 6.6 compliance in minutes with our automated PCI Reporting

Enterprise-Grade Security and Acceleration Delivered from the Cloud

Enterprise-Grade Security and Acceleration Delivered from the Cloud

Website downtime can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars an hour due to lost revenue and brand damage. Web attacks like SQL injection and XSS can be even more devastating, resulting in massive data breaches, customer turnover, notification costs, lawsuits, and fines.

Imperva Incapsula eliminates these costs by delivering a best-of-breed web application firewall in the cloud. As a Level 1 PCI-certified web application firewall, Incapsula offers a powerful defense against hackers and bots. And with a best-in-class content delivery network, it also accelerates website performance.

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Features and Benefits:

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall

Analyze Website traffic to systematically identify and block Web application attacks

The days when companies could rely on traditional firewalls to protect their Websites from hackers are over. In today's online environment, Websites require more comprehensive security measures to ensure they remain unaffected by cyber-attacks and available for business. Without an appropriate solution in place, your website may be at risk of attack.

Incapsula includes a cloud-based Web application firewall which blocks Web attacks before they can harm your Website. By routing your Website's traffic through our system, we ensure that bad traffic is filtered out, and good traffic continues to flow through to your Website.

Our threat detection models were developed with Imperva's vast experience, gained over the past ten years leading the Web application firewall market. As traffic passes through our network, it is automatically analyzed to identify and block Web application attacks such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, Resource Injection, and other OWASP Top 10 threats.

Setup is simple and does not require customers to install any hardware or software, or alter Web applications; this allows even small and medium businesses with limited IT and security resources to enjoy best-of-breed protection for their business.

Incapsula protects Websites against known and emerging threats including:
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Illegal Resource Access
  • Remote File Inclusion
  • Comment Spam
  • OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
DDoS Attack Mitigation

DDoS Attack Mitigation

Automatically detect and block advanced DDoS attacks up to 8Gbps

Incapsula delivers complete defense from all types of DDoS attacks, ensuring that even the most advanced DDoS attacks are unable to affect your Website's availability. With up to 8Gbps of DDoS attack protection; you can be assured that your web applications are always accessible.

DDoS attacks can broadly be classified into two types – network attacks and application attacks. Network DDoS attacks, flood network resources with excessive requests to overwhelm devices at the network level. Application DDoS attacks aim to overwhelm Web servers, application servers, or database resources by either flooding a Web application with legitimate requests or by exploiting business logic flaws.

Incapsula delivers defense for both network and application level DDoS attacks. Network Level DDoS attacks are automatically filtered out of Web traffic as it passes through our cloud-network. Application level DDoS attacks are stopped by our user profiling and classification engine that identifies and blocks automated threats such as DDoS bots, thereby preventing their DDoS attacks from reaching your Website.

Incapsula Key Benefits
  • Effectively mitigates application and network level DDoS attacks
  • Protects in minutes with effortless deployment
  • Saves costs related over-provisioning bandwidth
Backdoor Shell Protection

Backdoor Shell Protection

Detect and block Website backdoors installed by hackers

One of the first things a hacker does after breaking in to a website is install a backdoor. These backdoors provide hackers direct access back into your website for future exploitation.

Incapsula helps detect and block any attempt by hackers to install or operate a backdoor on your Website. By analyzing your Website traffic for signs of a backdoor, Incapsula is able to quickly detect and block backdoors, as well as pinpoint their exact location on your system so you can easily remove it.

Login Protect

Login Protect

Implement two-factor authentication on any Website with a single click

Login Protect is the simplest-to-implement Two-Factor Authentication solution on the market. Activated with a single click, Log-in protect adds two factor authentication to any website or application without needing to install any plugins, making code changes, or having to integrate with 3rd party authentication products.

Key benefits include:
  • Seamless Integration – Login Protect can be activated in minutes, with minimal configuration, and without additional installation or coding
  • Flexibility – Login Protect can be deployed on any Web page regardless of size or deployment scenario
  • Central Management – Login Protect offers centralized control over multiple logins, across several websites
User Profiling and Classification Engine

User Profiling and Classification Engine

Differentiate human users from automated threats and block bad bots

Research shows that an average of 50% of all Website traffic is non-human. Incapsula improves Website security, lowers Web server utilization and reduces bandwidth consumption by identifying and blocking all automated threats and “bad-bots.”

As users visit your Website, our system's user classification engine profiles them in real-time to identify each user's purpose of visit and determines whether they are human or automated users. Legitimate traffic, including human users and “good bots” such as Google's search-engine bots will be granted access to your site, while “bad-bots” will be blocked or challenged with a CAPTCHA test.

Incapsula blocks unwanted bots, including:
  • Site scrapers
  • Comment spammers
  • Fake registrations
  • DDoS attack bots
  • Vulnerability scanners


Global Content Delivery Network

Global Content Delivery Network

Speed up your Website by serving content from local data centers near your visitors

Our cloud solutions help improve Website responsiveness and reduce bandwidth consumption by utilizing a state-of-the-art content delivery network (CDN), which is built on a network of high-powered data centers strategically positioned throughout the globe. Our CDN automatically caches and serves your Website content from each of our data centers, eliminating bottlenecks at central servers and ensuring that your visitors are receiving content from the data center with the closest proximity to their geographical location.

Dynamic Content Caching

Dynamic Content Caching

Reduce Website bandwidth consumption by dynamically caching Web content

Incapsula features content caching for both static and dynamic content, resulting in faster webpage load times, reduced server utilization and lower bandwidth consumption for your Website. These caching techniques help maximize the performance gains available to your website. Static content, such as HTML files, images or JavaScript are cached, allowing them to be served to visitors directly from our datacenters. Dynamically generated content is also cached while it remains valid and unchanged.

Web Content Optimization

Web Content Optimization

Decrease Web page load times by compressing, optimizing, and minifying content

Our system automatically optimizes Website content and traffic as it passes through our network to speed up Website responsiveness and reduce the amount of unnecessary or redundant data being sent between your Website and its visitors. Optimization techniques include content compression session optimization and content minification.

Compliance and Reporting

PCI DSS Reporting

PCI DSS Reporting

Fulfill PCI DSS 6.6 compliance with simple, automated PCI reporting capability

Any Website that processes credit card payments is required to adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 6.6. This requirement stipulates that all Web applications must either deploy a WAF or conduct manual code review.

Incapsula is the simplest and most cost effective way to ensure PCI DSS 6.6 compliance and the only Level 1 PCI-certified cloud-based Web application firewall solution for midsized businesses. Incapsula is easy to implement and provides continuous protection without impacting the Web development process, requiring in-house PCI expertise or involving PCI consulting projects.

Website Traffic Analytics

Website Traffic Analytics

Gain powerful insight with Web site traffic analytics

Our unique analytics dashboard gives you detailed insight into your Website visitors, performance statistics, and security events that are not available from other analytics programs.

Many Website owners assume that the vast majority of their Web traffic is made up of human users. In reality, as much as 50% of Web traffic can originate from automated clients such as bots. We have adapted our analytics to include automated sources, giving you a more accurate representation of your site's traffic. Reports include statistics on visitor types (human vs. bot), country of origin, client applications, requests per second, and bandwidth consumption levels.

Our analytics provide detailed threat and security data that helps you decide who should be allowed to access your site and who should be blacklisted. You can also track your Website's performance analytics to monitor how our cloud platform is accelerating your web site, and saving you money by reducing bandwidth consumption.

Website Security Seal

Website Security Seal

Instill consumer confidence and deter attackers with our Website security seal

According to a study conducted by Paypal and Comscore, 21% of shoppers have abandoned an online shopping cart without purchase due to a concern about the merchant Website's security.

Our Web security seal differentiates your Website from your competitors and builds trust with your Website visitors. Businesses that are perceived as secure and safe to do business with enjoy increased customer confidence and lower abandonment rates. The Incapsula security seal is easy to use and can be added to any Website in seconds without security or coding expertise.

Repel Web Attacks With Powerful Bot Detection and Dynamic Attack LearningKey Capabilities:

Repel Web Attacks With Powerful Bot Detection and Dynamic Attack Learning

Incapsula prevents OWASP Top 10 threats and automated attacks, ensuring your applications are safe and always accessible. Using advanced machine learning across millions of data points, Incapsula dynamically learns suspicious attributes—including attack strings, parameter values, and encoding—that statistically indicate attack. An advanced bot detection engine prevents automated threats.

Eliminate DDoS Traffic Without Impacting Web User ExperienceEliminate DDoS Traffic Without Impacting Web User Experience

Incapsula scales on demand to block the largest DDoS attacks ever recorded, so that you can stop massive network DDoS attacks before they reach your network. Incapsula mitigates all types of DDoS attacks including those targeting Web applications, DNS servers, and direct to IP address attacks. With advanced application-layer protection, Incapsula inspects SSL traffic and spots low-data rate attacks and application exploits that can bypass other solutions. Plus, Incapsula caches Web content to ensure optimum performance, even when under attack. With powerful defenses against DDoS attacks, you can be assured that your applications will always be accessible.

Speed Up Application PerformanceSpeed Up Application Performance

Accelerate the performance of your website with a global content delivery network. Realize faster web page load times, reduced bandwidth consumption, and lower server workloads without compromising the functionality of your website. Dynamic and static caching, minification, and connection optimization all work together to improve application performance.

Fulfill PCI 6.6 ComplianceAchieve PCI Compliance

If your business processes credit card data, you need to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements. PCI requirement 6.6 mandates that organizations install a web application firewall or regularly review all web applications. Imperva Incapsula, a PCI-certified cloud service, provides continuous protection and helps you quickly meet PCI compliance.

Enforce Two-Factor Authentication With a Single Click
Enforce Two-Factor Authentication With a Single Click

You will be able to implement strong authentication on any web application without integration, coding, or software changes. Single-click activation lets you safeguard administrative access, protect remote access to corporate web applications, and restrict access to particular webpages. Centrally manage and control multiple logins across several websites.

Load Balance Web TrafficLoad Balance Web Traffic

With layer-7 load balancing and failover, you can balance traffic across multiple web servers directly from the cloud. Load balancing allows web applications to scale beyond the capacity of a single web server without requiring a dedicated on-premise appliance. Incapsula also provides real time health monitoring to maximize availability and optimize traffic utilization.

Enjoy Effortless Deployment

Avoid purchasing and deploying dedicated DDoS, web security, or caching equipment. You can provision Imperva Incapsula as a service simply by changing your website’s DNS setting. This effortless deployment empowers you to jumpstart your web application security projects while maintaining your current internet and web hosting providers or changing your network infrastructure.

How It Works:

Website security and performance optimization in a single solution

Incapsula gives you the power and flexibility to protect your Website from cyber-attacks and effortlessly improve its performance. By routing your traffic through our global network of datacenters, we ensure that bad traffic is removed before reaching your Website, and good traffic is accelerated – creating a more secure, more enjoyable experience for your Website visitors.

Imperva Cloud WAF Diagram

Website traffic is inspected as it passes through our cloud-based network, filtering out cyber threats including Web application attacks, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and malicious bots such as comment spammers or site scrapers, before they can affect your Website or its visitors.

Incapsula enhances the performance of your Website, unlocking its full potential. Our customers typically find that, by routing their traffic through our system, their website traffic is sped up as much as 40%. The key to these performance gains lies in Incapsula’s state-of-the-art content delivery network (CDN) which is designed to provide companies of any size the same Web connection and content optimization features that are typically reserved for large enterprises with ample IT budgets.

Incapsula can be used by anyone with a website. Setup can be completed in minutes and there is no hardware or software to install or maintain, and no need to change your web application code.


Imperva Incapsula (WAF + DDoS + CDN)

Cloud-based Website security and performance optimization solution

  • Protects Websites from cyber-attacks and hackers
  • Improves Website performance
  • Fulfills PCI DSS 6.6 compliance requirements
  • Sets up in minutes with no software or hardware to install
  • Stops all types of DDoS attacks
  • Avoids application outages and brand damage
  • Ensures Websites perform normally during DDoS attacks
  • Deploys within minutes for immediate protection

Plan Incapsula 10 Incapsula 20 Incapsula 50 Incapsula 100
Plan Bandwidth 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps
Included Websites 1 1 1 1
Web Application Firewall
Content Delivery Network
DDoS Protection*
* All Imperva Incapsula plans come with 1 Gbps of DDoS Protection by default

Optional Add-ons

Add-On Options
Extended DDoS Protection Upgrade to 4 Gbps of DDoS Mitigation
Upgrade to 8 Gbps of DDoS Mitigation
Upgrade to Unlimited DDoS Mitigation
Additional WAF/CDN Bandwidth Available
Additional Website Subscriptions Available
Managed Services Available


Basic Support

Basic Support

Enjoy world class 24x7 support for your Incapsula account

Support for all Incapsula accounts includes security alert email notifications, weekly event reports, auto-generated tickets via email and phone, an online customer support portal, and 24x7 support.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

A dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) that manages your website security

Looking for a fully managed security experience? No problem, as our optional managed security services provide customers with 24x7 access to the Imperva Security Operations Center (SOC). Our SOC engineers are available around the clock to monitor your Website and proactively manage its security posture. Managed security services include:

  • Proactive security event management and response: Assessment and proactive response to events throughout the duration of attacks.
  • Continuous, real-time monitoring: When applications are under attack, vigilant application monitoring verifies that applications are always accessible.
  • Proactive policy tuning: Immediate monitoring, analysis, and policy tuning delivers optimum protection against attack without false positives.
  • Around-the-clock support: Continuous support and services backed by an industry-best SLA.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which plan is right for my business?

Start by determining the amount of bandwidth used by your Website. Incapsula plans are structured based on the amount of bandwidth a website uses (as measured in MBps). If you wish to protect multiple websites, you will need to find the aggregate bandwidth usage for all of the Websites. Determining the bandwidth usage of your website can usually be accomplished by contacting your website administrator or hosting company. If you are unsure or unable to determine how much bandwidth you need just let us know, we can help!

When will I move up to the next plan?

There is no need to move up to the next plan until your bandwidth requirement changes. If you start to exceed your subscription plan's bandwidth capacity, we will give you the option to pay an overage fee or upgrade to a larger plan.

How often will I be billed?

Imperva Incapsula plans are sold as a yearly subscription. You will be billed annually for your subscription.

Is there a contract?

The Imperva Incapsula End User License Agreement (EULA) can be found here.

Getting Started

What happens after I join?

After joining the service, you will receive an email with your login credentials. Upon logging into the solution for the first time, you will be provided with clear instructions guiding you through the Website configuration process. After completing the account setup process and making the necessary DNS change, your Website will be routed through our system and automatically protected from Web application attacks.

When does the product trial end?

Trial accounts for Incapsula last for 14 days.

What happens when my product trial is over?

When your Incapsula trial account has expired, you will need to revert your DNS settings back to their original settings, or contact your Imperva sales representative, or purchase a subscription to the service.

How do I know what bandwidth plan is right for my business?

Many people don't know how much bandwidth their Website is using. If you need help figuring out how which bandwidth plan is more appropriate for your Website, we suggest you begin a trial account and look at the bandwidth statistics in the product dashboard. This will help you quickly determine which plan is right for you.


What is Incapsula?

Incapsula is suite of cloud based security performance solutions designed to provide small and medium businesses with the same best-of-breed tools used by large enterprises. It includes two solutions: a cloud-based Web application firewall and a cloud based DDoS mitigation service.

Incapsula combines the protection of a Web application firewall with the flexibility and simplicity of a cloud based service to create an innovative security solution that defends Websites against Web attacks while simultaneously accelerating Website performance.

Incapsula also provides a simple, secure solution which mitigates all types of DDoS attacks, keeping Websites online and businesses running, even during the extreme pressure of a DDoS attack.

How does Incapsula work?

By routing your traffic through our global network of datacenters, we ensure that bad traffic is removed before reaching your Website, and good traffic is accelerated; creating a more secure, more enjoyable experience for your Website visitors.

What is the benefit of using Incapsula?

Incapsula provides the following key benefits to customers:

Improved Website Security
With Incapsula, you can effortlessly protect your Website from cyber-threats including Web application attacks, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and malicious bots, such as comment spammers or site scrapers, before they can affect your Website or its visitors.

Optimized Website Performance
Incapsula automatically optimizes your Website's performance, resulting in faster loading webpages, lower bandwidth consumption, and reduced server utilization.

Fulfilled PCI 6.6 Compliance
Incapsula's web application firewall helps you fulfill the requirements of the Payment Card Industry's PCI-DSS section 6.6 requirements the easy way. Incapsula is the only cloud based Web application firewall solution certified by PCI-DSS.

Why should I purchase an Imperva Solution?

Imperva is the market leader in data security. Imperva security solutions provide a peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that your Website is protected by best-of-breed technologies, developed through Imperva's ten years of experience defending the 2000 of the world's top Websites from attack


What type of Websites can use Incapsula?

Any Website can use Incapsula. Regardless of size or structure, your Website can immediately reap security and performance benefits by routing your Web traffic through our system. Moreover, the signup process is quick and painless. It can be completed in minutes without the help of a security specialist.

Will using Incapsula slow down my Website?

No. In fact, using Incapsula will in speed up your Website and improve its performance. Our customers typically find their Web traffic is accelerated up as much as 40% and bandwidth consumption is reduced by over 50% just by routing their traffic through our system.

How much technical expertise and training is required to use Incapsula?

Incapsula doesn't require specialized IT or security expertise. There is no hardware or software to install and no requirement to change your Web application. Simply redirect your Website's DNS records to our infrastructure, then log into your Web management portal to begin protecting your Website.

I already have a firewall, do I still need this service?

Firewalls and Next Generation Firewalls do not adequately defend against http/https-based attacks launched at Web applications. Deploying a WAF in addition to existing firewalls provides Web applications a way to inspect http/https traffic and block advanced Web attacks like SQL injection, Buffer Overflow, or Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

Moreover, firewalls are also not designed to stop DDoS attacks. When firewalls are used to block DDoS attacks, these devices are frequently overpowered by the volume of requests that they must process; turning them into a single point of failure between Website visitors and the Web server.

My hosting provider provides security services for me. Would I still benefit from using these services?

Many hosting companies provide basic security precautions for their customers, although it is frequently limited to a traditional firewall or IDS/IPS. This is not enough to adequately protect Websites from Web application layer attacks or DDoS attacks. Incapsula makes a perfect complement to the security services offered by your hosting company by extending your security into the application layer to block attacks like SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

Does this service support and protect SSL traffic?

Yes. Incapsula supports and protect SSL Traffic. We can issue an SSL certificate for you or make use of your existing certificate.

Do I need to adjust my local firewall settings?

We suggest that you configure your firewall to permit external traffic from the following IP addresses. Once all changes are in place and your domain is safeguarded by Incapsula, you should allow traffic from these IP addresses only. This prevents malicious traffic from bypassing Incapsula and directly attacking your Website.

Incapsula Proxies (IP Range) (IP Range) (IP Range) (IP Range) (IP Range)


Download the Imperva Incapsula Datasheet (PDF).