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Transparent Inspection
End to End Coverage through Innovation

Performance and uptime are essential for any security solution. Organizations shouldn’t have to choose between protecting their data center assets and maintaining their current network architecture or delivering a fast web experience to end users.

Transparent Inspection, invented by Imperva, provides true, application layer security—transparently—without needing to terminate or proxy connections. This ground-breaking technology delivers multi-Gigabit performance, sub-millisecond latency, and high availability options without requiring network changes, meeting even the most demanding data center requirements and ensuring low total cost of ownership.

High Performance, Low Latency

Because of its Transparent Inspection architecture, SecureSphere delivers multi-Gigabit throughput and processes tens of thousands of transactions per second while maintaining sub-millisecond packet latency. A single SecureSphere appliance is sufficient for many customers and SecureSphere can scale to meet the requirements of the largest enterprises by deploying multiple gateways managed from a single unified management server.

Flexible Deployment

The Transparent Inspection engine intercepts packets at Layer 2 and reconstructs Web and SQL transactions without needing to terminate connections. This architecture allows SecureSphere to support the following deployment options:

Because of this flexibility, deployment of SecureSphere requires no changes to the existing network architecture, including network routers, load balancers, and servers.

No Changes to Application or Database Infrastructure

Since network traffic passes through SecureSphere without modification, SecureSphere is transparent to end users and to application, database, and file servers. This means SecureSphere easily drops into your data center with no changes to the data center's carefully optimized applications and databases. Leveraging Imperva's Transparent Inspection technology, SecureSphere provides maximum data security with minimal disruption.

Because SecureSphere is transparent to other devices on the network, it also provides high availability through integrated fail open network interfaces. In the event of a power, hardware or software failure, the fail open interfaces can automatically bridge the connection, allowing uninterrupted communications between the client and the web, database, or file server.